Hi, I'm Ryan 

I help you step through the doorway of burnout into limitless potential.  My highly effective and proven system will help you transcend into higher levels of awareness so you can operate from peace, love, and ultimate creativity. I am standing by to guide you to the next level in your life and leadership. 

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My Founding Story

Hi, I'm Ryan Ettridge 

It's clear what's inspired this path in my life.

I've always pushed myself to be the best – earned two black belts by 18, aced university, and landed a job right off the bat.

This drive led to some pretty big things. I went through an Executive MBA, took over a cybersecurity team, and doubled our profits in two years. By 31, I made partner at PwC. It seemed like my hard work was paying off.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. I was working non-stop, 16 hours a day, every day. And here's the thing – while I was chasing professional wins, I was losing out on the personal front. My family, my friends – I was pushing them away, busy hiding from some real issues.

Then it hit me. The struggles I saw growing up – tough times, broken relationships – I was heading down the same path. That's when I knew something had to change. That was the start of The Clear Leader.

It dawned on me that true leadership, and a fulfilling life, isn't just about achievements. It's about facing up to your inner challenges and dealing with them head-on.

When I embraced this, life unlocked. Relationships improved, work performance was top-notch, I felt healthier, and truly free.

I’m Ryan Ettridge, and here's my takeaway: real self-improvement isn't a relentless chase. It’s about realising and seeing clearly what's already right here, right now.

That's the real deal. Here you will truly see a world of potential, both in life and work.

I'll help you make the leap from burnout

to limitless potential

Discover Presence

Learn how to realise harmony in your work, family, and business.

Step Into Limitless Potential

The Universe is expansive and so are you.  Your burnout is suffocating you, and it's time to get out of that box.

Become The Clear Leader

Reveal the clarity that you need for potential and authenticity.

Why I Do It


Once I found a better way to relieve my excessive habits, stress, and burnout; I had to share my findings with others. 

I went from totally distracted and absent from all areas of life to intense freedom to live with absolute authenticity.

If you are critically trying to prove that your life is working successfully but you're actually unbelievably exhausted, then you're in the right place.   

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