Bring The Essence of The Clear Leader Into Your Leadership Team

This Is Your Unfair Competitive Advantage

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This process awakens the team and business to its purest and clearest potential

Creating a space of collective focus, intention, creativity, and intense development for every individual on the team and in service to their clients. 

✔️ Clarity on team purpose and value proposition – the absolute reason why anyone would buy your stuff.

✔️ A clear space for team members to operate optimally and authentically.

✔️ Clear roles and responsibilities to realise the purpose and team intention.

✔️ A clear action plan to deliver business success with clarity and optimisation.

✔️ All leaders participating in Embody, facilitated as a group over 6-12 months. PLUS:

✔️ 2x half-day high-performing team sessions.

✔️ 10x 1-hour team coaching sessions to Embed collective Clear Leader praxis.

✔️ Tailored engagement to suit.

"Not only did he give me the business help that I needed but he changed my life as well, and it had nothing to do with subject matter."

– Founder

Shared Goals to Achieve Success

clear direction

Clear Direction

The very pointy, unique collective value that this team offers to its clients.

Optimal interaction

Optimal Interaction

Authentic engagement, optimised processes, continuously improving work products.

Ruthless Delivery

Ruthless Delivery

Laser-focussed, masterful execution, high and sustainable energy, purposeful inter-action.

The bottom line...

We help teams reveal their crystal clear intention by removing the distractions and aligning their collective energy towards a truly impactful societal outcome

We work together to emerge new strategies, processes, and collaborations to help you do just that.

Team members will look forward to Monday morning as much as Friday afternoon.

"Ryan's unique ability to hold space and build trust is remarkable. His extensive training and corporate experience equip him to delve beneath the surface, encouraging deep, meaningful exploration of challenging topics. This approach not only builds trust but also fosters a unique depth in the coaching relationship."

– Performance Coach, Author, Trainer

How we make it happen

Hey, Ryan here. This Program is the culmination of deep transformational praxis and more than a decade in senior leadership positions, working for the some of the largest companies in the world.

My intention with this program is to bring the essence of The Clear Leader into teams and businesses to enable true high-performance and societal impact.

In a world that is screaming for authenticity, love, and collaboration, this program rips out anything that is not absolutely true and valuable, to make space for something truly magical and powerful to emerge.

Done in a way where the collective effort is exponentially more impactful than a bunch of individuals sporadically working towards a common goal.

BUT, it requires the leader to have 'done the work' on themself first. A team can only evolve to the level that the leader is able to hold.

When you're ready to shift from self-development to team development, we'll bring this into your business world in a very targeted and highly impactful way.

Let's see what collective potential really looks like.

"My direct report said: That's the best conversation I've ever had with anyone - ever. I feel like I've been seen and heard for the first time in my life."

– Partner, PwC Australia

Realise true potential

Here's my story.

Once deeply engrossed in work, I led by example – achieving remarkable professional heights with relentless 16-hour days. But this came at a personal cost: a disconnect from family and an underlying fear of failure, stemming from a past haunted by self-doubt and insecurity.

This unsustainable path changed when introspection revealed the hollowness behind my achievements. I realized that my obsession with work, driven by childhood insecurities and a past riddled with poor choices, was a mask for deeper issues. Embracing self-forgiveness and acceptance, I transformed, shedding the shackles of shame and fear.

This personal evolution had a profound impact on my leadership. I shifted my focus from sheer output to authentic connection, bringing a newfound clarity and empathy to my team. Understanding the facades we all battle, I encouraged open communication and genuine engagement, fostering a culture where every team member felt valued and understood beyond their professional roles.

This change revolutionized our performance. Freed from the confines of traditional metrics, the team unlocked a wave of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We learned that true productivity wasn't about the number of hours worked, but about the quality of those hours, fueled by passion and purpose.

I led with a philosophy that embraced choice, love, and life. We tackled challenges with a collective wisdom and resilience, dissolving pressures and focusing on sustainable success. The results were astounding – not only in terms of business outcomes but in the enriched lives of every team member.

"The Clear Leader" became more than a personal journey; it transformed into a leadership ethos that elevated our entire team to unparalleled heights, proving that when you lead with authenticity and empathy, performance transcends expectations.

business man standing in a park does this work? 

The leaders clear
the team space clears
create an unfair advantage

Ready To Gain The Unfair Advantage?


Expected Outcomes

clear leaders

Clear Leaders

Individuals that are of high goal and intention clarity. Clear from distractions and interference. Authentic, powerful, masterful.

clarity on purpose

Clarity On Purpose

Crystal clear on purpose and unique value proposition of the team.



An energetic, authentic container for optimal creativity and collaboration.

professional growth

Professional Growth

Skills and practices that encourage and facilitate continued personal and professional growth.

integration plan

Integration Plan

A clear integration plan to embody and optimize the new way of collective operation.

unfair growth

Unfair Growth

A balanced scorecard dashboard of metrics to measure the unfair growth that the business will be enabled to achieve.

"But what if the team is too busy?" 


Slowing down to speed up, paradoxical as it may seem, offers profound benefits in leadership and organizational growth.

By intentionally pausing amid the relentless pace of tasks, leaders open the door to deeper reflection, enhanced creativity, and strategic clarity, fostering an environment where innovative ideas can surface and flourish.

This deliberate deceleration allows for reassessment of priorities, leading to more efficient processes and effective decision-making.

It cultivates a space for personal growth and team development, which, in turn, accelerates overall performance and success.

In essence, taking a step back to slow down not only rejuvenates leaders and teams but also propels them forward with greater momentum and purpose, paving the way for sustainable progress and long-term achievements.

Ready For The Unfair Advantage?